Congress Taipei City Tour


°Date:  October 14, 2022
°Time:  12:30-16:00
°Price: NT$ 1500 (Approx. USD 50)
°Route: Presidential Office Building  Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall  National Palace Museum

Presidential Office Building

The work place of the President of Taiwan. The building was formerly the Office of the Governor­General during the Japanese colonial period, and has thus played a significant role as the center of political power for nearly a century.

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Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall

This memorial hall was originally established to commemorate Chiang Kai-Shek, after whom passed away in 1975, people in Taiwan and certain overseas Chinese proposed to establish a memorial hall to express their respect for the leader. Just as tourists admire Taj Mahal in India, make sure you complete your pilgrim by standing beside the enormous construction of history.

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National Palace Museum

The National Palace Museum was originally established as the Palace Museum in China’s Forbidden City in 1925. The artifacts had experienced multiple relocations from province to province due to the invasion of Japanese Army. Later during The Chinese Civil War after the surrender of the Japanese, the Kuomintang government decided to evacuate the arts to Taiwan. By 1948 when the items arrived in Taiwan, the Communist army had already seized control of the National Beijing Palace Museum collection so not all of the collection could be sent to Taiwan. It is said the artifacts from the Forbidden City moved to Taiwan only accounted for 22% of what originally transported south. Still, the pieces represented some of the very best of the collection in the world.

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